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Pre Applications

What is a pre-application?

A pre-application is an initial meeting with the Local Planning Officer to discuss the proposed project, verifying the requirements from the Local Authority. Although the meeting is an informal discussion, all responses will be recorded. The information provided is then used to prepare the Planning Application. The Planner will be able to share any Local Knowledge on the area & advise of any restrictions.

When would I need one?

This service is generally used on large development sites, areas that include conservation areas, listed buildings or applications that Planning application may be rejected. The information provided is used to submit the full planning application, applying any restrictions discussed in the meeting.

Why Choose Us?

Level Architecture will attend the meeting on behalf of the client. Any information provided from the meeting will be used to create the proposed drawings ready for submission to the Local Authority, along with any evidence to support the project.

What have we done?

We also worked on Beaver Road to help them with their Pre-Application. This, along with many other projects in Kent, have been hugely successful throughout the Planning stages.