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Contract Administration

What is contract administration ?

The contract between the Employer and Building Contractor is complicated. Once the design has been approved the architect will oversee the project making sure the project is being built to the approved drawings. Changes and amendments can be made during the contract ensuring a recordable note has been made. The Architect will check the quality of work on site this will be monitored throughout the project.

When would I need one ?

The client may decide to appoint contract administration to take away pressure whilst development is under way, the architect will attend site on behalf of the client generating a report of each site visit.

Why Choose Us?

All construction drawings will be produced to the Building Contractor on behalf of the client dealing with any problems or enquiries that will arise at development stage, Level Architecture will ensure all correspondence is dealt with confidently and accurately keeping contact with appropriate members as needed.

What have we done ?

Level Architecture has carries out contract administration frequently, such as with the Dublin City Rapid Build