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Full Planning Applications

What is a full planning application ?

Planning permission permits you to carry out the work on a site. This can be seen as a conversation between the applicant and the local community to see if the application is acceptable. It may include environmental, traffic, archaeological concerns.

When would I need one ?

Full Planning would be required if the development relates to new dwellings, changing the number of dwellings (conversion of existing buildings), Change of use of the existing dwelling. A Full application would also be required for any demolitions and rebuilding.

Why Choose Us?

Full Planning Drawings will be produced following the Architectural Survey including existing and proposed drawings. Level Architecture will consult with a Planning Consultant before the application is submitted on the client’s behalf. Taking away pressure from the client.

What have we done ?

Level Architecture has worked on a number of projects at the Planning Application stage, such as Capstone Road, Beaver Road, The Granary, & Hook Farm. To find out more about what we have to offer, please feel free to get in touch below.