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Is Architectural Design a good Career path?

Image representing Is Architectural Design a good Career path? from Level Architecture

Architecture is tough and the path can be little rough and rocky. It certainly isn’t the profession for everyone. There is lots of competition out there and shining through is hard work. Sometimes the odds aren’t stacked in your favour, but other times it feels like gold. If you are thinking of going into Architecture or Architectural design beware… it isn’t just a job, no, it’s a lifestyle. Passion, being able to take the ups as well as the downs and lots of hardworking hours lay ahead of you…. Is it worth it? Of course. Like I said it’s a lifestyle, a hobby. So if it’s a passion of yours go for it!

It’s not all about the design. With so many constraints and conditions on many projects you may think you have become a lawyer or mathematician a negotiator or even the best networker you can be. It’s not all about the colours, textures and ways the shadows fall on parts of the building to create an art piece…. No its mainly governed by fire restrictions, build conditions, TPO’s , the landscape and many more factors.

But… on the positive side, there is that chance to embarrass your creativity, to work on such varied projects from a side single storey extension to care-homes, eco villages and bespoke builds and working with developers all over the world. It can be a very rewarding career but it’s not for the faint hearted. If you are up for a challenge and have that passion, then it can be an extremely rewarding career of choice. Being a successful Architect or Architectural designer/technician depends on strong entrepreneurship, or building a big network of clients for your firm or own business… So being brave and being able to sell are huge attributes to your success.

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