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Current architectural trends 2023

Image representing Current architectural trends 2023 from Level Architecture

A few current architectural trends that are trending at the moment are being green and eco-friendly, this is due to the state of the world and it is making housing development more safe for the environment around us. These houses are usually made with eco-friendly and recycled materials which makes the house more environmentally friendly instead of throwing the rubbish away into landfill. This trend is going to be here to stay and is the only option forward from having a safe, eco-friendly environment.


Another trend is adaptive reuse. It is important to use what we already have built first instead of wasting materials and space, why not just use what we already have? This trend was very popular in 2022 and is expecting to continue in 2023. Doing this reduces carbon emissions and conserves energy, doing this can also help preserve a locations character maybe making it more desirable to live in.


Finally, Mixed-use development is becoming popular and is a frequent trend now. This trend is aimed towards having one building for all your needs E.g.: Retail, commercial and residential. This trend makes communities more liveable and dynamic, forming stronger bonds with other people and not needing to travel. These mixed-use development have gained popularity in recent years due to outperformance compared to standalone buildings in the same market. The properties have shows faster lease-up times and higher rental yields. Research conducted by JLL indicates that office rent in mixed use development are typically 24.77% higher that those in submarket.